Welcome To The Deceit 2 Community
Welcome To The Deceit 2 Community
Welcome To The Deceit 2 Community

Make friends, trade play-styles and discuss the game with seasoned players all over the globe. You can even give us your feedback, we’re really keen to hear what you think.

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Community Guidelines
Community Guidelines
Community Guidelines

As an esteemed member of my Deceit community, I expect you to:

Be Naughty, Not Nasty image

Be Naughty, Not Nasty

Deceit is a game where the intelligent rise to the top. Lying, framing and obfuscation are manipulation tactics I can respect. Griefing, trolling and teaming are not. Use your brain. It’s such a shame to see 4 billion years of evolution go to waste.
Play Well, Play Fair image

Play Well, Play Fair

Do not insult my intelligence with your slimy tricks. When I see you using cheats, modifying game files or abusing known bugs, I simply assume it’s a pathetic attempt to atone for your utter lack of self esteem. Get a grip. And don’t ruin the games of others.
My Kingdom, My Rules image

My Kingdom, My Rules

I am a deranged psychopath who hosts a ritualistic murder game for the amusement of Elder Beings - and even I have zero tolerance for racial slurs or threats of harm. So what does that say about you? Absolutely no discriminatory behaviour, language, writing or inappropriate nicknames - you’ve been warned.


What is Deceit 2?

Deceit 2 is the sequel to the original Deceit, a horror themed social deduction game that pioneered the genre. Trapped in an asylum at the mercy of a twisted lunatic, players will take on the role of either innocent or infected. The innocent must escape; the infected must slay them all.

How much does Deceit 2 cost?

Deceit 2 is Free to Play!

What is changing in Deceit 2?

Deceit 2 is built from the ground up on a new engine, Unreal Engine 5, using everything we’ve learned since 2017. Features include:
  • Heart Racing Combat: intense chase sequences with remastered monsters, new items, new abilities, and interactive maps provide groundbreaking asymmetric action at night.
  • Deep Lore: detailed backstories, grounding our characters into a richer Deceit universe.
  • Next Generation Visuals: all-new visually stunning characters and maps, and a new main menu that brings a look-and-feel grounded in the new lore.
  • Rich Investigation: new items, clues and abilities add to the investigations in the ‘day’ period.
  • 9 Player Games: play with larger parties, with 3 brand new in-game characters to choose.
  • … and more!

Is Deceit 2 coming to consoles?

Deceit 2 will be coming to Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 on April 3rd 2024!

Is Deceit 2 coming to the other platforms?

Post launch we will be working to get Deceit 2 to as many additional platforms as we can (where crossplay is possible).

Will Deceit 2 be on Microsoft Game Pass?

Not on launch, however we’re interested in working with Microsoft to make this happen in the near future.

Do I need Xbox Live/PlayStation Plus to play Deceit 2?

On consoles, yes. As Deceit 2 is an online multiplayer game, a valid Xbox Live/PlayStation Plus subscription is required.

Will you be releasing a GM Edition of Deceit 2?

We have decided it would be best to keep things simple and release with a single edition. Stay tuned for updates on upcoming DLC. We may consider a GM Pack in the future.

When will you be launching new DLC/Maps/Terrors?

Our first DLC, the Werewolf Pack, has been released. Alongside this, our second map, Project Wurgen, has been released and is ready to explore. Keep an eye out for new DLC and content in our blogs.

Will I keep my items from Deceit 1 in Deceit 2?

While the majority of your progress from Deceit 1 won’t carry over to Deceit 2, there are a few notable exceptions.

Legacy and Masquerade Reward Skins

Your commitment to Deceit 1 will be commemorated with the Legacy and Masquerade skins. These have been reimagined for Deceit 2 and are available to claim in game.


These are making a comeback, albeit with a fresh spin. Rather than merely adding them to your profile, you’ll be able to select a Deceit 1 emblem as part of our future menu customisation. Keep an eye out!

How can I get involved?

You can sign up to our mailing list to get email updates on major milestones.

I'm Press and I want to talk to someone about Deceit 2

If you are a member of the press you can contact the team on [email protected].

Will Deceit 1 still be available to play?

Deceit 1 will continue to be available on Steam as a legacy game.